Jetson TX2i device tree and other difference


We are having trouble getting hardware from other vendors, such as Auvidea and e-con Systems, to work with the Jetson TX2i industrial version.

At first we through the TX2i would be a drop-in replacement for the TX2, just with ECC memory and higher temperature and vibration specs, but it appears the device tree files are different. And as a result, the software from other vendors to make their hardware work with the Jetson (which typically includes a device tree file and a kernel image) will not work out-of-the-box.

Specifically, we are trying to use the Auvidea J90 carrier board and the e-con NileCAM30_TX2 with the Jetson TX2i. Can someone clarify what are the differences between the TX2 and TX2i device trees, and how to port software from one platform to the other?

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By default we are supporting Jetson TX1 and Jetson TX2. But on request we can provide the necessary patches for Jetson TX2i. Please contact

Below link explains the difference between TX2 and TX2i.