Tx2 vs TX2i


I am new to embedded programming and had the following Hypothetical question:

If I want to swap the tx2 module on the developer kit with the tx2i

  1. is the jetson tx2 carrier board compatible with tx2i
  2. what are there possible steps and modifications that need to be made on the tx2i module
  3. are there any potential problems with doing this?

I have read the comparison document already

Thank you in advance

Hi nmehmanesh,

For your questions, see below:

  1. Yes
  2. Just need to adapt the WiFi module on carrier board if want to have wireless connectivity
  3. No, not seen yet.

Jetson TX2i is a Jetson TX2 SKU for industrial environments. The rugged design, small form factor and power envelope make the Jetson TX2i module ideal for high performance edge computing devices such as industrial robots, machine vision cameras and portable medical equipment. See this FAQ for a comparison between Jetson TX2 and Jetson TX2i.

Hi @kayccc,

I am trying to have wireless connectivity with the TX2i, after SEVERAL tries I don’t achieve to have internet using a wifi dongle → Ralink 5370 Wifi Dongle USB 2.0 Wireless 802.11n.

Can you give some guidance on this issue?

Thanks in advance

Hi ismael.ghouddana,

Have you found any firmware that is downloadable for the Ralink5370?
See also at: https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/1066119/jetson-tx2/wifi-dongle-with-tx2i/post/5399285/#5399285

Problem solved,


Already using the TX2 module in an application, but now need have customers who do not WiFi components anywhere in the solution. TX2i module does not have the WiFi chipset, correct? Problem is that if I move to the TX2i the cost is higher and will also need to redo some firmware. Is there instructions on how to remove the WiFi component (Broadcom BCM4354(Cypress CYW4354) Chip) from the TX2 module? Is there a way to get the TX2 without the WiFi component?