Jetson TX2 NX Wi-Fi Problems

We’ve developed a custom carrier board to use with either the Xavier NX or Jetson TX2 NX. The carrier board has an M.2 Key-E slot for a Wi-Fi module, and we followed the development kit design as closely as possible to ensure compatibility.

What we’re seeing is that the Wi-Fi module works with the Xavier NX, both in the dev kit and on the custom carrier, but with the Jetson TX2 NX, the Wi-Fi module works with the dev kit, but not with the custom carrier. We are using the Azurewave AW-CB375NF Wi-Fi module, which is in the Supported Components List for the Xavier NX. Notably, the SCL for the TX2 NX doesn’t list any Wi-Fi modules.

I’ve attached relevant schematic sections for the Wi-Fi module. Note that it will be difficult for us to provide any outputs from the Jetson software, as this is a headless setup with Wi-Fi as the only means of access (no USB debug, either). However, we can probe the hardware as needed. Any input on this would be appreciated.

Please make sure you can dump the log from uart. If even that is not possible, and no log is able to be provided, then please understand that we cannot help your case.

Hi Wayne,

You can’t provide feedback on the hardware design?


I am not hardware guy so cannot comment here. But just want to say it is risky to have no uart port there for debug.

If our hardware engineer cannot resolve your problem from HW aspect, then I have nothing to check in software because of no log.

Hi, have you checked the doc of Jetson TX2 NX Interface Comparison and Migration from Jetson TX2, Jetson Xavier NX, and Jetson Nano as below? There are some info of PCIe difference in it.

Hi Wayne,

Understood - I’m working on pulling out the UART port from the connector. I’ll try to capture a log today.

Hi Trumany,

Yes, I spent a lot of time looking at that document, as well as the product design guide. Is there a particular difference I should be aware of? I used PCIE 1 Lane 0 because that is what is used on the Xavier dev board, and it is assigned to the same pins on both the Xavier and the TX2 NX. And indeed, on the dev board, both the Xavier and TX2 NX can use the Wi-Fi module. However, on the custom carrier, only the Xavier can use the Wi-Fi module.

OK, I have data flowing from the debug UART. How is the data encoded?

Looks like it’s 115200 baud rate, 8N1 encoding, sending as ASCII.

I was able to use the debug console to see that there is no significant difference in output between the TX2 NX and the Xavier. However, it looks like the TX2 is picking up a different IP address than we expected. I think that may have been the problem all along!

Thanks for suggesting the debug UART - we’ll have to make sure this is pulled out for easy access on future revisions!

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