Jetson Xavier NX GPU lib Report Error

We use the custom carrier board,but the kernel report error log like this, We’re not sure what kind of usage issues this would cause ,Pls help us ,and the log as below
nvgpu_error.log (27.9 KB)

Would need more information for reference. Do you have display output(such as HDMI or DP port) on the custom board? Which release version do you use?

we don’t have display output on the custom board ,the version is R34.1.1

We would suggest use Jetpack 4 release, since it is stable. You are using 5.0.1 DP which is developer preview.

And if there is no display port on your custom board, please refer to adaptation guide and modify the device tree to remove the display part.


We also test the Jetpack 4 ,also exist the error ,and all the display part have remove from the DTS file


Do you have any suggestions for me to help debug the error?
Looking forward to your reply.

Thank you

Please make sure you disable the nvdisp and sor nodes in the device tree, and make sure you run a full flash because cboot and kernel are loaded device trees from different partitions.
The original dtb file on the host system is same. But it will be flashed to different location. Full flash can make sure both partitions got updated.

And please create a default user by executing:

sudo -u hello -p hello

Or it will get stuck in booting.


We try the solution you have mentioned ,but the error also occur.
By the way,the lib error can affect normal using?


The prints are very likely to be fatal. So you can boot to the userspace? If you can boot to the userspace, may try jetson_multimedia_api samples and check if the samples can be run successfully.

If you use Jetpack 4 and the device tree is modified properly, the prints should not be shown.


When use Jetpack 4 boot to userspace and login, the screen keeps refresh log as the below picture

If the only difference between your custom board and Xavier NX developer kit is that the custom board does not have HDMI output, you may try to flash the dtb to Xavier NX developer kit. If the device tree is good, it shall also boot up successfully and you can use uart console to run command lines.

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Please also check with all the NX modules you have on your side and see if this is an issue that only happened in one module, or multiple modules.

And whether only custom board would hit or even devkit would hit this error.


We try it with NX dev kit,the boot up is successful and no error happen


Hi, all module have the same situation ,and devkit never hit this error


I don’t think this is software issue. You can flash the pure jetpack to your board and see if there is such issue. If it still has issue, please review your board design with our design guide.

There is no direct answer to know what might be wrong for such nvgpu error.

We check the design and fix the power boot sequence, but sometimes we meet the crash error also like this
nx.log (5.0 KB)

Could you only try to use jetpack4.x to validate your board?
Pick up a stable version to test. We already told you that jetpack5.0 is not stable yet.

if we use the jetpack4.x,no kernel panic ,but the lib error also happen,dump in the log
nvgpu_error.log (27.9 KB)


Can you help us review the DTS file for is right disabled the display node in device tree?

tegra194-p3509-disp.dtsi (2.4 KB)
tegra194-p3668-common.dtsi (11.7 KB)

Please directly attach the full dts converted back from dtb.