Jetson Xavier NX module SODIMM edge fingers plating specification?

Is there a drawing or document that specifies the plating of the SODIMM edge fingers on the Jetson Xavier NX module?

JEDEC MO-310C only provides recommended plating options in note 11 for SODIMM 260 pin modules. I am also not able to find a reference that states Jetson Xavier NX actually follows one of these recommendations.

The datasheet does refer to connector insertion reliability based on EIA-364.

However, I am looking for the actual plating specification.

That’s not public. And since it is standard SODIMM type, the dimension should follow the spec too.

Also you can refer to the SODIMM connector on carrier board for that. Its part number is 2309413-1, Connector (Edge) DDR4 SO-DIMM SOCKET 260 PIN RA BLACK 0.5mm PITCH.

Okay. Thank you for the reply.