Is there any way to test the Xavier NX SOM Module?

Hi there,

My current setup involves a seeed studio A206 board and a Jetson Xavier NX SOM module. Both components are relatively new but for some reason does not turn on (no power LED, can’t enter force recovery, no device showing when connected via USB to host PC and running “lsusb” command) . I’ve contacted seeed studio to see if it’s related to the carrier board but from me tracing the voltage lines on the carrier board I do get 5V into pins 251-260 on the SODIMM connector. Is there a way to check if the actual Xavier NX SOM is having issues?

Hi, it needs vendor of carrier board to support. Basically the power on sequence as you can see in the Design Guide should be followed well on custom design. Especially the POWER_EN signal should be asserted successfully for the module power-on. You can get Xavier NX relative docs in DLC as reference.

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