Are SO-DIMM adaptors compatible with the NX and dev kit carrier board?

I am currently developing a thermal solution for the Jetson Xavier NX in a specific use case and planned on using a SO-DIMM adapter to have more space to work with. The thermal simulations look promising so before I begin purchasing components for physical testing, since I am not too familiar with electronics, I wanted to check and make sure that the adapter is compatible with the Xavier NX and the dev kit carrier board. The adaptor in question is found in the following link:

Thanks for any help!

cannot find pitch info on the site, required one is 0.5mm pitch.

Xavier NX devkit BoM says “Connector (Edge) DDR4 SO-DIMM SOCKET 260 PIN RA BLACK 0.5mm PITCH”

Thanks for the info about pitches! After looking around, it seems that the 0.5mm pitch is a JEDEC standard for 260-pin SO-DIMM. Since the product has a label on it saying it’s a 260-pin standard adapter, I think it would be okay to assume that the adapter is 0.5mm pitch as well. I did a little more digging around on the other specs of the adapter saw that it has only has a 1.2V working voltage whereas the Xavier NX has an input voltage of 5V. I suppose this prevents me from using the adaptor then?

I took a look at the Jetson Xavier NX data sheet and a number of pins exceed the 1.2V working voltage of the adapter so I guess the adapter can’t be used then without risking damage.