Jetson Xavier NX PCIe Endpoint Mode, Read / Write always 0xFFFFFFFF on the root port x86 system


I have the same problem as the link below,

See your reply on the link, need to enter the command “lspci -vvvv”, and confirm whether there is a “Kernel driver in use: tegra_ep_mem” message.

Enter command “lspci -vvvv” on root port x86 system, did not display “Kernel driver in use: tegra_ep_mem” messgae!
lspci -vvvv.txt (5.2 KB)

What can I do to fix this problem? or other problem cause Read/Write always 0xFFFFFFFF on the root port x86 system?

on x86 machine please compile and load kernel/nvidia/drivers/misc/tegra-pcie-ep-mem.c Driver. This will bind to endpoint device.

Thank you for reply!