Jetson Xavier

Hello Team,

I am using Nvidia Jetson Xavier AGX for Inference. I am trying to install faiss library using below git hub repo. But can’t able to install properly faiss lib.

faiss/ at main · facebookresearch/faiss · GitHub


Based on the faiss forum, it should work on the Jetson platform.
Maybe you should follow the ARM building experiment rather than desktop steps instead.


Thanks for Your Reply !!

While referring to this Shared URL , They have installed faiss in Raspberry Pi (ARM Based Architecture) without CUDA.
FAISS on Raspberry Pi · Issue #1071 · facebookresearch/faiss · GitHub
But I need to install faiss library in our Jetson platform with CUDA.

Please guide me for the same.


Have you checked this with faiss team?
They should have a better idea about the support of the Jetson.


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