JTAG for Xavier AGX developer kit

Hi, I’m going to buy a Xavier AGX developer kit. But I have something I want to check regarding JTAG.

In this document (“NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier Developer Kit Carrier Board”), I found it has JTAG header(p.26).
But in this site (“https://www.arrow.com/en/products/945-82972-0046-000/nvidia”), I can check (JTAG Support No)

Can I connect Trace32 to Xavier AGX developer kit?

Plus, what is the meaning of blank, ‘X’, and ‘-’ in the table below?

Thank you.

I have a Trace32 which has the 20-pin header. This will not work (physically/electrically) with the Xavier. If for some reason you have the correct header, then I have extreme doubts that the software available for the Trace32 will work with any of the Jetsons (perhaps with a lot of work and support from Lauterbach, but I’ve never succeeded at this on the other 20-pin interface…even when it partially functioned any issue in the actual kernel resulted in the Trace32 itself also crashing).

According to this document(“NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier Developer Kit Carrier Board”), the carrier board has a 10 pin JTAG header.
Have you tested the 20 pin JTAG header by connecting it through an 10 pin adapter?
But is it not connected normally?

I do not have such an adapter. Unfortunately, my software is also out of date, and it would cost thousands of dollars to get an update from Lauterbach (and then I would not expect it to work well anyway).

Even in the days of the TK1 (which is far simpler) and TX1 (the first 64-bit) I was never able to get more than minimal success. Stepping through kernel code which worked was not a problem, but any bug being worked on resulted in the Trace32 crashing, and I saw no evidence Lauterbach had any interest in helping.