I would like to use a cheap JTAG adapter (e.g. J-Link base) + openOCD to debug JETSON-TX2 through JTAG.

However, after taking a look at openOCD, it does not have target and board config file for TX2.
Has anyone successfully got openOCD working with TX2?


I had marginal/partial success with an expensive JTAG debugger. None with OpenOCD.


Do you mind to tell me what is the JTAG debugger you were partially got it to work?


The Lauterbach Trace32. I don’t think Lauterbach had much interest in customer support.

It seems that Nvidia has TRACE32 script and config package:

Have you tried this Lauterbach scripts pack?

I wonder, would Nvidia be able to add openOCD config file package for Xavier and TX2?

I have. Did not work for me. The code I used was slightly updated over that from Lauterbach, and much of what was in that script and config package was just the publishable part of what Lauterbach provided. This was a very long time ago and for much older releases of software. So far as I know this was never updated, and the provided scripts were incomplete.

That part for which I did have success disappointed me. Whenever I went to debug something crashing in the kernel, the Trace32 also crashed. It was a lot of work to add something which provided no extra information.

Long ago I had asked about OpenOCD, and the gist was that the engineers had tried, but could not make it work. This of course would have depended on the particular hardware used, but I had also tried with an OpenOCD debugger and had even less success. If there has been progress since then I would also be interested, but I have not heard of any success other than with what NVIDIA uses in its internal tools (and I’m talking much much more expensive custom tools).

I would be in favor of any support of OpenOCD which NVIDIA might add. This would definitely bring a new level of support, but this is also extraordinarily difficult/non-trivial to do.