Using Lauterbach T32 for debugging on the Jetson TK1

We are currently trying to debug our system using a Lauterbach T32 (Powerdebug). However so far, we have not been able to do anything useful.

So far we tried to debug the system as Tegra4 and as CortexA15. When use the Tegra4 settings, we only get a bus error, if we use CortexA15 the debugger cannot connect at all. There is no generic ARMv7 setting.

Has anybody else has any experience using a hardware debugger for the jetson? Unfortunately for T32 there does not seem to be any OpenOCD support.

Currently we are starting u-boot without a boot script, and try to connect with the debugger once the u-boot command prompt appears. Does anybody know which mode the processor should be in at that point? If the processor is started in secure mode and this is not changed, this might explain, why we cannot connect.

I’ve attempted to use OpenOCD with a flyswatter2 on Jetson, but only had a limited amount of success. Tegra4 definitely will not work, this is the Tegra12x series, specifically Tegra124 (board is pm375). So far as I can tell ARM9 and ARM15 (Cortex A, ARMv7) are similar enough that they might work together (differences in branch prediction should not hinder JTAG).

Quite some time ago I inquired about this from nVidia. The gist seems to be that they tried with OpenOCD but found it unreliable and flakey (oooh…a technical term! :P), and could not get OpenOCD to work. The solution they use (not sure which JTAG debugger they use) is one of the high-cost JTAG debuggers which I can’t afford. The good news is that nVidia sent a sample Jetson to an OpenOCD developer, so there may have been some progress since the original query (though I have not heard back on the topic).

So…anyone from nVidia…has there been any OpenOCD JTAG progress for Jetson TK1? If not, which JTAG debugger is being used which does support this?

just realesed some week ago, we have a full script to debug Tegra jetson TK1 board with Lauterbach tools, some adaption are needed but please contact me by email i can provide it to you …

trace is working as welll …;-)

i’m based in France working for Lauterbach…
Mr Paradiso

I have been tempted to buy one of these off ebay used many times, but am very confused as to what else may be required to actually use it. I assume I must buy the software and some kind of license?

Mr. Paradiso (or someone else knowledgable) could you please explain the procedure and the costs to get a used LAUTERBACH TRACE32 LA-7699 LA-7843 JTAG-CORTEX-A/R LA-7690X MULTICORE-LICENSE working (like this one off ebay)?

There is no way I could justify buying everything new – I’m just a hobbyist – but maybe I could afford a used one with new software/license.


Note that there is a Wiki page about Lauterbach trace debugger working on Jetson TK1: [url][/url]