TX1 SOM JTAG Debuggers

We are working on our own carrier board for the TX1 SOM. I want to leave intact the JTAG as a backup debug connection. Can you suggest any debuggers that are compatible with this interface and elaborate how this JTAG port can be used?

Go here, search for Lauterbach:

Although this is listed for TK1, I believe this also works for TX1 (I can’t confirm this though). I have not heard of any other brand of JTAG debugger working on Tegra K1/X1.

I can confirm connecting to the Cortex-A57 cores at least with ARM DS-5 and DSTREAM – getting trace going is probably a little more work.

Matt S.

Hello, Did you find out if the Lauterbach can debug the TX1 ?
Is there any other JTAG for debugging it?

I’ve had some success with the TRACE32 at this time, but not complete success yet. I may be able to document this in the future, but here are some notes in spreadsheet format (go the “Summary (Attach running Kernel)” tab to start, refer to Notes tab for some previous setup; start the program from “/home/t32/”). Note that this is incomplete:
Trace32_Startup_Summary.zip (54.7 KB)