Programming Bare Tegra X1 Module

It appears that bare Tegra X1 modules do not come programmed with the boot code that would allow you to flash the module using the USB recovery mode on the Dev Kit. What is the recommended procedure for installing boot code? JTAG? Is there a recommended debugger to use for this purpose?

JTAG debugging is problematic. The best way would be to have a developer’s carrier board.

OK, the good news is that I made a mistake and forgot to connect the USB device to my VM. It is actually possible to program a bare X1 module by plugging it in to a Jetson DevKit and running the USB recovery procedure.

That said, I am still interested in debugging a TX1 DevKit using JTAG. I’ve seen some mention of using the Lauterbach power debug tool on a Jetson TK1. Has anyone had any success on the TX1?

I have one sitting here, so far I’ve only been able to get bits and pieces working. I’ve been a bit distracted and have put it on hold for the last week or so to do some RAID rebuilding, other system changes, and setting up for PCB prototyping…it’ll probably be a few more days before I get back to that, but I plan on posting how to get that working if I succeed.

Hi LowlandSolution,

In L4T R24-2 Documentation, nvl4t_docs/index.html#page/Tegra%2520Linux%2520Driver%2520Package%2520Development%2520Guide/l4t_lauterbach_scripts_r23.html could be a reference to setup Lauterbach for TX1.

Part of the Lauterbach scripts are missing from the docs. I have those too.