Keeping two versions driver for two kernels


How to set in the installation script no removal of the old driver. I have two kernels (both needed):

  1. Centos 7.5 (./install --eth-only);

  2. Centos 7.5 + patch RT (compilation, ./install --eth-only -add-kernel-support).

Unfortunately, one driver uninstalls another during installation. This effectively blocks the use of the latest drivers for both kernels.

Please help.

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If your question is if it possible to use different MOFED version for different kernel, then it is not . However, you should be able to install Mellanox OFED on one kernel with --disable-kmp option, reboot to other kernel, recompile same Mellanox OFED using mlnx_add_kernel_support and after that install only kernel modules.

I found one bug in the Mellanox drivers. In the RT kernel on the Centos 7.5 system, the ptp4l or phc2sys processes do not want to start automatically as a service (systemctl). There is no problem with drivers built into the kernel.