OFED installs two versions of the same kernel module

I built 23.04 OFED on RHEL8.4 with:
./mlnxofedinstall --without-fw-update --hpc --force --add-kernel-support --with-nvmf

After rebooting, I end up with two different versions of some modules installed, e.g. nvme-rdma.ko, and they have different shasum values, so they are not identical. Why are two versions installed via two different rpms, and what is the difference between them? How can I get just a single version installed?

[root@delphi-004 ~]# rpm -qa --filesbypkg | grep nvme-rdma.ko
mlnx-ofa_kernel-modules /lib/modules/4.18.0-305.el8.x86_64/extra/mlnx-ofa_kernel/drivers/nvme/host/nvme-rdma.ko
mlnx-nvme /lib/modules/4.18.0-305.el8.x86_64/extra/mlnx-nvme/host/nvme-rdma.ko

Other duplicate modules are ib_iser.ko, ib_isert.ko, ib_srp.ko, nvmet-rdma.ko

Maybe OFED is trying to tell me that the version in ofa_kernel does not support NVMeoF, but the one in mlnx-nvme does? In which case I wonder why the ofa_kernel version is installed at all. What about the iser, isert and srp modules what is different about the non-ofa_kernel versions?

Pls, un-install previous version before install new version.


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