Kernel build script with output dir option not working


I tried to build the kernel with the -o option for build output directory in the following way:

./ -o kernel/kernel-4.9/build_out/

However there is nothing in the build_out dir and though compilation went through, towards end I got this error:

IHEX2FW firmware/emi62/midi.fw
IHEX2FW firmware/emi26/bitstream.fw
IHEX2FW firmware/emi62/bitstream.fw
Error: Missing kernel image kernel/kernel-4.9/build_out//arch/arm64/boot/Image

So the -o option does not work as expected. I corrected it by running ./ again without any option.

had you refer to Kernel Customization for setting-up environment for building?

I ran into the same problem trying to build the kernel with output directory option. There seems to be an error in the I was able to get the script to work by changing line 86:

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