Kernel launch timed out when running on Xavier

Hi, we were running some multi-sensor perception algorithms on Xavier, which includes several detection models & related cuda post-processing kernels, and also other cuda kernels such as stereo matching.
But we occasionally got errors in cv::cuda::Stream::waitForCompletion, as

cuda_stream.cpp:458: error: (-217) the launch timed out and was terminated in function waitForCompletion\n

seems it’s a cudaErrorLaunchTimeout error.

But when I searching for information, I found here

But other Jetson platform, like Xavier or TX2, doesn’t has such limit on kernel execution time.

could someone help? thanks a lot!


Which JetPack version do you use?
If you are using the latest JetPack 4.6.3, please give it a try.


Hi, thanks a lot for reply.
we are actually using drive os 5.2.12 qnx, instead of JetPack.

and I wonder that is there a time limit on kernel execution on Xavier?
or how can I check if there is a time limit and what’s the exact limit time on our Xavier?
and once a time out occurs, usually what cause it?
thanks again!


Sorry for the late update.
We will move your topic to the DRIVE board for better help.


cool, thanks!


The DRIVE forum is for developers in NVIDIA DRIVE™ AGX SDK Developer Program who using DRIVE AGX Orin/Xavier platform on autonomous driving project.
We will need you to use your account with corporate or university email address.
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