Kernel panic during poweroff freezes the system


After updating my archlinux desktop PC to linux 5.1.2 and nvidia 430.14, I noticed something was
off. First of all, font rendering was different than before, fonts were bigger and uglier than usual.

Then I managed to reboot the system and it got stuck during shutdown, forcing me to power off the machine by long-pressing the power button. Looking at the logs in the next boot I found some kernel errors that refers to the nvidia driver. I’ll attach those logs in this post.

Falling back to linux 5.0.13 and nvidia 418.52.05 solves the problem.

NVIDIA 2070 RTX (asus rog)
Intel i7-9700k

Archlinux (linux 5.1.2, nvidia 430.14)
KDE Plasma 5.15.5
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (1.09 MB)
journalctl-out.txt (5.43 KB)

I found this error when run on my kernel (linux 5.1-rc3) without nvidia driver.

This is a kernel bug.