Kinect v1 or v2 + ROS + RTABMAP

Hello everybody,
I’m new on this forum because I will probably start a project with a Tegra X1 board to make an autonomous quadcopter. I have some questions before buying this kind of product: Has anybody ran a Kinect v1 or 2 with a TX1 in order to process realtime SLAM with RTABMAP or any other under ROS ? If that possible, How did you do ? You could just give me the red line.

Thank you so much.


Not sure about SLAM/RTABMAP, but there is a post on JetsonHacks about connecting a Kinect to a TX1:

Thank you for your answer and sorry for the delay I was busy … Finally I took a Zed stereo camera, I think that will be the safest way :)

I know this is an old post however I have successfully ran rtabmap both stand alone and under ROS using the Jetson TK1 board.