ROS Differential Drive build for Mapping and Navigation with Jetson Nano

Hello Everyone…

Recently I started learning ROS and I was able to do a differential drive robot build with 2D Mapping with Gmapping and 3D mapping with RTAB-Map with Microsoft Kinect v1. So I’m here to share my experience with you… I posted a video on youtube of the build i did. I named it NavBot.

So i was able perform SLAM with Gmapping and i had to build gmapping from the source as it is not updated for ROS melodic. I added gmapping source package files into my project git so it will be easy to use. I used Differential drive controller from ROS Control to get odometry.

Here is the Link to project GitHub repository -

If i visualize 3D point Clouds in Nano, It seems to get stuck so i did visualizations in my laptop connected to ROS master running on the Nano. Other than that everything worked fine.

So if you are doing a similar build, I think this will help and if you having problems related to this, Please comment it here i’m really happy to help.


Really cool project, thanks for sharing!

Good project, could you help me I’m trying to connect Microsoft Kinect v1 with Ros in the nano jetson but I have not been successful, I need to use skeleton trakin

Thank you…

Thanks… To use kinect with ros I used openni_launch
ROS package which is available for Melodic and also freenect_launch also worked. But it is only there for kinetic. Did you tried with openni_launch ? I added the links below…