Anyone using ROS with TX1!

I am seeking someone using ROS with TX1! Some questions are waiting!

I am trying to build an intelligent driving system with TX1, some technology: Cuda, SLAM, Catagraphy


you certainly came to the right place to discuss ROS with TX1, but in general it helps if you start off with one or two of your questions along with enough contextual information rather than summoning ROS and TX1 users (there are plenty of them on this forum).

Are you talking self-driving road-way transportation vehicles (e.g. the Google self-driving car project) or unmanned ground vehicles (e.g. an autonomous pizza delivery rover)?


Hi Galto,

Firstly thanks for you advices, it is my first time to use Nvidia Forum! I am an undergraduate student interested in ROS and TX1, is trying to make a robot based on TX1. So I will put my questions to discuss if I met them.



Welcome to the NVIDA Forums! There are some other folks here, including myself, that are doing similar work.

I got inspired by the MIT RACECAR project (which uses ROS and JTX1: ) and by ( ).

Looking forward to reading your posts about your robot project.



Hi Galto,

Nice to meet you all of the Nvidia Forums! I wish we can use JTX1 to make some annovations. I am trying to build a hardware system (like an intelligent car) based on JTX1 with some Algorithms like SLAM and others. As I am just a beginner in ROS, I mostly hold the attitude of learning! thank you all!