Autonomous Rover w/TX1, ZED, Lidar, Orbitty Carrier Board...

I’m a software engineer by trade and I’ve never really been able to get the opportunity to work on/with hardware that enables my software to interact with the physical world in a meaningful way. For that reason and because the Jetson seemed like such an amazing platform I set out to build an autonomous rover… but to do so a bit differently. I had read up on ROS and their navigation stack but before handing control over to these season frameworks I wanted to understand how far a naive implementation could go… basically why is SLAM and navigation such a hard problem to solve.

My project is not done, I’ve completed the hardware stack, built some simple wandering / exploring logic but true navigation (indoors and outdoors) are a couple months away. I’ll be posting progress and deep dives into the hardware and software stack I’ve created over at

I was wondering if folks on this forumn have had much luck getting either hector SLAM or GMAPPING to work with combined data from ZED and a Lidar?

You can find more info about my project here:

a bit more about me:

I am also in the process of building a autonomous robot with a Zed camera, structure camera, hokuyo lidar and sparkfun 9dof sensor. I am still working my way through ros but Troubleshooting is not as easy as I initially expected. I come from a mechanical engineering background and I wanted to build a autonomous racecar of sorts like the one that upenn and mit is attempting to make as well as the one in JetsonHacks. I hope we can keep in touch!

Hi @gotenkscha. I am also working on it. Did you make progress?

I ended up building a Donkeycar based on the TX2. If u want to share experiences, please share your fb so I can add you. Cheers.