kubuntu 18.04 on MSI Laptop GTX 1070 black screen on login with mouse cursor

After a new installation of Kubuntu 18.04 i have the following problems:
The system apparently starts OK, but the login screen remains black.
The mouse pointer is operable. Everything else I do from the ttys.

Sorry, how can i attach the complete nvidi-bug-report.log ?
nvidia-bug-report.log (673 KB)

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First of all excuse my bad English.
This is my first troubleshooting in this forum.
I’ve been trying to find a solution with the search function - unfortunately without success.
Maybe it could be sddm, but I found no error message in the log.

@ masemic

  1. Do you have a hybrid GPU laptop ?

  2. Are you running in secure boot ?

please delete /etc/X11/xorg.conf
It’s for an Optimus (hybrid) notebook but yours is discrete-only. Afterwards, reboot and report back. Otherwise, everything else seems to run fine. So I suspect sddm somehow not working. If you find its logfiles, post those. Or maybe try to switch to lightdm.

You could check if sddm writes logs to journal:
sudo journalctl -b 0 _COMM=sddm --no-pager

Because of another bug, it was faster to reinstall.
After that, the system starts normaly.
Thank you all.
For the next problem (with twinview - sddm does not accept an entry) I start a new thread.