L4T v19.3 for Jetson TK1

Hello, can someone provide me with the version of l4t v19.3 for jetson tk1, if someone can upload it to a server, I would appreciate it. The official download links do not work, and I need that version for testing, thank you.

Does this URL work for you?

The download does not work for me, it is impossible.

Yes, it does this for me as well. Maybe @TomNVIDIA can help? We’re getting XML file content instead of the intended downloads.

Yes, I have sent you a message, thank you, let’s see if it is resolved

That link loads this page for me.

How are you getting to the XML file from there?

I was able to replicate it. I have forwarded this to the team that manages the page.

The page loads, but the download links fail. It would be necessary to review all versions, older versions also fail the download links

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Hi @fhersete,

The team reports that this has been fixed. Let me know if you experience any other issues.


Solved, Thanks very much Tom!!!

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