Linux For Tegra R19.3 Documentation Now Online

Documentation for L4T 19.3 is now available at the Linux For Tegra R19 support page:

It includes guides that should help with many of the issues raised in discussion on these forums. The documents include:

  • Linux Driver Package Developers' Guide - Includes help on U-Boot and creation of a cross-compiling toolchain.
  • Jetson TK1/Tegra Linux Driver Package Multimedia User Guide - Information on usage of Gstreamer for video compression/decompression, capture, playback, and conversion.
  • Software Feature List - Describes software as well as multimedia codecs included in L4T.

Direct link:

There is an error in the documentation “welcome.htm” file.

Line 45 contains:
<a href=“references/Output/index.html”

However, “Output” should be lower case as “output”.

Thanks for the heads up, linuxdev, the document has been changed and I’ve modified the above link with the updated archive.