lagging videos in graphic card of nvidia GeForce 9500 GT via os linux

I have graphic card of nvidia geforce 9500 GT but that I use this via opration system of linux mint mate version 17.2 of 32 bit, so via any Web browser from any web site to display videos. if i choose in option of Quality Videos of 1080p HD, this videos are lagging, even this videos with full Load bar from the internet, but if in os linux, to Example i download this video from this web site in qualitiy of 1080p to the hard disk and play this,
the same video is play good.
but if via os windows i play the same video via internet, the same video is play good Without lagging.
I checked that driver of this graphic card it’s the bast for this os linux and And installed correctly
& it settings to work with this os linux
so how to fix this problem please?
& if i am writing with Spelling errors. Please, Do not be angry with me, I do not understand well the English language.

Check your GPU RAM for exhaustion with nvidia-smi console command.
P.S. Also check videos playback from the Internet with mpv (it should be compiled with lua to enable youtube-dl support and ffmpeg or libav should be compiled with the openssl support).

how Exactly to Check this?
& via youtube-dl there is no problem with this video.
maybe this?

Videos may lag if you, for example opened too many processes which consume GPU RAM, for example, 30 pdf files with okular or smth else. There are 2 ways of checking used GPU RAM: console program nvidia-smi (Open any console/terminal emulator and run nvidia-smi there) or you can see it in “NVIDIA X Server Settings” (Start -> Search… NVIDIA and run it), there’s “Used Dedicated Memory:” field which shows how many GPU RAM is used, for example 241 MB (47%). If it’s more than 90% then it’s usually may be bad and cause lags.

To check video playback from the Internet you can install mpv video player and run the following command in console/terminal emulator: