Lan7800 ethernet port is not showing up the ip on jetson xavier NX

I am facing the issue’s on Jetson Xaier NX jetpack version 35.4.1 and kernel version 5.10 regarding the LAN7800/LAN78xx Ethernet port is not showing up the IP’s on the “ifconfig” my driver is loaded and even the lan78xx module is detected on “lsmod” but on ifconfig command i am unable to get the IP’s for lan78xx usb Ethernet ports the LInk is not establishing on the ports and even no errors on “dmesg”,
1.When manually with the below command “sudo ethtool -s eth2 port mii” its working but automatic lan7800 Ethernet port iwhen we plug /unplug cables IP’s is not displaying at ifconfig.
2.When the xavier is power off and on the and plug the cable initially IP get displayed but when we unplug cable and pulg into another lan7800 Eth port the ip’s is not resetting means it takes prev’s ip
3.I am attaching the dmesg.logs file below
dmesg_log.txt (153.9 KB)


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Basically we only know the usb part is working fine.

For the reset of LAN78xx behavior, it is related to the vendor driver. Maybe try to upgrade the driver may help.

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The driver is already upgraded and now i am getting the below issue in “dmesg”

Looks like eth2 and eht3 are already generated. What else do you need to check here?

eth2,eth3 generated but their ip’s i am unable to get on ifconfig command when ethernet cable pluged/unpluged

Could you test the static IP case first?

yes i tested with static i get the ip’s when i make them static
but automatically i am unable to get it

try with other router and check the error log from syslog.

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