Latest dch drivers to support older OS or reinstate standard driver packs please

theres still many folks using w7 , im begging here to atleast make dch packs not require windows 10, vulkan 1.3 is important to have also latest driver updates, it shouldnt be impossible , seeing as there was a recent security fix driver for w7 also, much obliged

Hi @yumzion90 , welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums!

Did you check the manual driver search on the offical pages?

If I look for example for Win7 64bit I get a rather recent security update driver:

473.04 - Release Date: Mon Jan 31, 2022

and Game Ready driver version 471.96.

We try to keep old Windows versions up to date, but given that Windows 7 was deprecated already more than 2 years ago, it might be good to consider upgrading.

I hope this helps!

well , i know its abit deprecated , tho theres still ESUS , and thus W7 ist still a viable and solid OS and i plan on using it for a few more years, i also have the most recent 473.04 - Release Date: Mon Jan 31, 2022, Driver …yes, but it doesnt include the latest driver improvements nor Vulkan 1.3 , which is very important to me , im hoping this gets considered , hell im up to hacking stuff together if thats what it takes, not sure if its just as simple as removing the OS version check …

really hope my wish gets fulfilled, really need this, please im begging

ill be waiting in hopes my request could get fulfilled, really need this as said, specially the udated 1.3 vulkan drivers

I hear your frustration and I wish I could help you.
Sadly it is much more complex than simply checking for the OS version.
I am afraid back-porting newest Vulkan features to older drivers and Windows versions would be a considerable effort.
Your best bet really would be to consider giving Windows 7 the rest it deserves, it has been a loyal companion for long enough.