LaunchFailed on windows, nsignt compute 2023.3

Hi, I am new to Nsight compute. And when I am using Nsight compute 2023.3 on windows, I got LaunchFailed.
Can anyone help me?

Thanks for using NVIDIA Nsight Compute ! And sorry for the issue you encountered.
Can you provide more information ?

  1. Does the sample work correctly without Nsight Compute ?
  2. Which command line do you execute for profile ?


  1. Yes. the sample works correctly without Nsight Compute.
  2. I use the Nsight Compute gui for profile. “New project” → specify the working directory and Application Executable → choose “Interactive Profile” → “Launch” → click “Run to Next Kernel” → click “Profile Kernel”, then I get the error.
    The GUI is like below.

Does this issue happen to all CUDA samples or just this specific sample ? If it happens to all, please tell us

  1. Windows version
  2. Driver version

If other sample do not have such issue, then this should be sample specific. Can you provide the source-code or binary to us for further investigate ?

My windows version is windows10, and the driver version is 545.84.
I tried another simple sample, it worked correctly.
I think it’s sample specific. But the source-code is embedded in a very complicated program, and the it requires a very complicated environment to run the binary.
I guess maybe it’s because some memory access is out of bounds. Will the out of bounds memory access cause the launchFailed error?

I guess another issue is the shared memory. If I don’t use the shared memory, the profiling will be OK. But if I use the shared memory, the profiling will cause the launchFailed error.
Will the shared memory cause the launchFailed error?

Hi, @390032167
This looks like a issue our dev recently fixed, can you get a latest Nsight Compute 2023.3.1 to have a try ?
Please collect the “basic” set or a selection of sections that don’t include the “SourceCounters”.

It works when I collect the “basic” set. Thanks~
What is the issue? Will the “SourceCounters” issue be fixed in coming Nsight Compute versions?

Hi, @390032167

Can you try with 2023.3.1 to see if your original issue has gone ?

No. The original issue still exists. When I choose the full metric, the computer will restart.