Layout.default is not working

Hi Team,

I was going through the “Create new app” tutorial and when on code file (.kit file) i added

layout.default = "${app}/data/custom_layout.json"

it doesn’t load the saved layout, However from UI I can load it and also without double clicking it (needs to click on load) as mentioned here in Aug 11 introduced bug in a form post.

The path is fine, as icon and logo loads from same path. The file works as i says can load from UI, debug settings have layout/default path so it seems unchanged.

Can you please check it out why the custom layout not loading from start.

Best regards,
Jeevanjot Singh Vital.

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Did you make sure to add it in that folder location and name it that file name? If you named it layout.json you would need to say ${app}/data/layout.json . Could you take a screenshot of your folder structure where your layout exists?

Yes, I made sure that the name and path is correct (also is not using any hidden special character after copying it from the tutorial page (the path) and remains in the same folder location that is loading logo and icon from that same path).


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Seems like a bug because I am facing the same issue.

I am having the same issue. it should be a bug

same here. Hope this gets fixed soon!

This is still broken for me.
There are workarounds, but I haven’t fully gotten one working yet.
It would be nice if the admin of the kit-project-template would give us a workaround for initializing a default layout.