Is it possible to show the Materials or Content tabs while on Animation Layout?

I usually use the default layout to create, or Compose is probably the correct term now. Once I start animating or simulating, I usually have the Animation layout selected. When I realize I want to add or change a material, or add a prop, I have to go back to the default layout.

Just curious if there is a way to customize what tabs are open when I select Animation Layout, or Default, etc.


Thanks. There is a better way. Make your OWN custom UI layout. Whatever you want. Add tabs, remove them, resize them. Make the UI work for you and your monitor. Then just SAVE that custom UI using the same menu and you will be so much happier. You can save and load a file and then “quick” save and quick load it back whenever you need. First thing I do when I start Composer is hit “Ctrl+8”. Just be sure to save the UI file outside of the entire OV system, somewhere it will not get deleted or overwritten if you install a new version. I tend to do my Documents folder or the desktop.

I found the save layout. Back to my original question. Is it possible to load the Animation tab, in place of say the Sim Ready Explorer?

I still don’t know how to get the UI the way I want it, so that I can save the layout.

Thank you, I will try that.