Physics UI Extension

So, coming from Houdini land, there are some things I’d like to create UI for that execute Physics Python API’s commands when clicked.

I see that we can now create and save custom UI layouts and I’m assuming I can create an Extension that has my Physics UI widgets in it.

So, am I correct in thinking, I create the Extension with my custom UI widgets, load the Extension in Create, save my layout (lets call that layout Physics) and then whenever I want to do Physics Sims, I can just load up that layout?

Yes, you can create an extension, set it to autoload in extension manager, layout it out how you want, save that layout.

You can also make your own .kit files. These define exactly how you want the app to launch. You can make new ones and just use a batch file to launch them.

if you go to setting on create in launcher, it will point you to bat file, that bat file points to a .kit file. That describes all the default extensions and layout by hand if you wish.