Is there a way to use tabs (materials etc) outside the Create window for use on multi monitor setup?

I tried to move the tabs (materials and other assets) to my left monitor but this didn’t work when I move the tabs outside my Create window they disappear is their a workaround to this ? thanks

You can right click the tab name and there should be an option for you (forgot the name).

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Thanks, that seemed to work but now the tabs don’t float on top of other windows anymore, if that would be possible then all is perfect :) thanks

You can request a feature for that.

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Thanks, is there a special channel for feature requests and to report bugs other then this one ?

You can get premium support you have subscription.

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Thanks but I’m only using the free version, no subscription, so not sure I can use it ?

I think that’s free. The mod post it in a topic.

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Ok thank you

Hello @HansVanEven! I’ve created a feature request ticket for the development team to add this feature. You can vote for this feature here: Save Layout for Multiple Monitor layouts

(A development ticket was generated from this forum post: OM-54913: Save Layout for Multiple Monitor Layouts)

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Thanks Wendy :)