leave MacOSX?

Hi, I installed yesterday CUDA in a macbook pro and all the example I ran didn’t pass the self test.

The installation proceses was hard because it’s very undocumented and I’m thinking in install Linux to try CUDA since there are like ten times more post in that section.

So, it’s normal that the test don’t pass in macosx? Should I try linux in my mac?


Not at all - I have successfully installed all versions of the Mac OS X CUDA kits including the latest 2.0 on 10.5.2 - some information about the versions you are using and the failure diagnostics might give someone on a here a chance to help you sort things out.

BTW I found the installation process for CUDA 2.0 on OSX an absolute breeze. What documentation did you feel was lacking?

read this thread carefully to solve your problem


Yes, this is the kind of documentation I was looking for.

Thanks a lot.