LED Flicker Mitigation with NVIDIA Sekonix cameras

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from the datasheet of the sensor-chip (AR0231 from ON Semiconductors) used in the NVIDIA Sekonix cameras SF332X we know, that the chip supports LED Flicker Mitigation.
Using this cameras (we testet several types of them) with the Drive PX2, the LED flickering is still there. It seems to be, that this mode is not enabled by the camera driver.
How can we enable this mode?

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Dear felix.elrod,

It is not possible to have LED mitigation with HDR mode. Please see #8 in the datasheet. Thanks.

Hey SteveNV,
thank you for your reply. Are the cameras using HDR mode by default?
Do I have to write my own driver to get LED mitigation? Are there any tutorials how to write (and compile/install) own camera drivers?

Dear felix.elrod,

They are all operating in trigger mode & synchronized per deserializer. Thanks.

Hi, I can see as well the flickering effect from LEDs. Does the nvmedia offer an API to toggle off HDR and turn on the Led Flicker Mitigation (LFM) on the sensor?

I know there is an anti-flicker mode for 50~60Hz (NvMediaIPPAeAntiFlickerMode). However, the LEDs run at much higher frequencies.


Hello abraham.arias,
I see you have raised a similar issue on Drive AGX:

Are you using Drive AGX or Drive PX2?

Hello shayNV,

I am using a Drive AGX.

Thanks for following up on this thread.

Hi abraham.arias,
this topic is about PX2, as you have an AGX Drive platform this is attended here: