Legacy vGPU Software image running on a Version 13.2 VIB Updated Vmware Host pointing at Legacy License servers

Hi, we are planning a migration and have an important question. Currently we have the Legacy VGPU License Servers and Version 11.5 Software. We have succesffully built our new DLS Servers and they work. But we have to migrate 146 Hosts to the updated VIBs. My customer noticed that the old image with Version 11.5 Software pointing at the old License Servers is successfully running on an updated host that is using the new Version 13.2 VIB. Is this a possible migration path? It would be much easier to be able to migrate hosts in small groups instead of all at once overnight. Updating 146 Linux hosts with VIBs is a serious bottleneck. They want to know if we can update the hosts ahead of the all the software on the images and the License server registry entries? Otherwise we have to update everything in one night.