NVIDIA License Server Build and Migration

I have a deployed Legacy On-Premise License Server. I want to build the new License Server. If I do not touch the old deployment and I go to the NVIDIA Portal and build my new DLS Server and reassign my licenses to it. That should not break my old deployment correct? I should not be able to build a new parallel License Server and import the Licenses. My old lIcense server is version 11.5. I believe I read this means my vCPU software is not compatble with new License server. So I would need a new image with the new vGPU vWS software that is compatible. Once I test my new image and certify it. I would then update the software on my old images and repoint my old environment to the new servers. Does this sound correct?

Correct, you should be able to deploy the new license server without touching the old environment.
Keep in mind that we currently only deprecated the legacy license server with vGPU 14. So starting with vGPU 15 you will need to move to the new license server appliance. CLS/DLS works with vGPU 13 and upwards. Which vGPU version do you run currently?

11.5 . Yes I know we will need to update our image software. You gotta do what you gotta do…Thanks!