NVIDIA vGPU Software 15

Hi, I have a concern.

VMware Horizon View 8, I have NVIDIA driver 513.46 in use, which works fine.

  1. When I update the existing NVIDIA driver to version 527.41 (15), then the connection to the license server no longer exists. I have (according to instructions “525.60.12-525.60.13-527.41-grid-licensing-user-guide”) adjusted the registry in Windows but still it does not work.

  2. What I still miss in NVIDIA Control Panel is the menu for the entry for the license details?

Can anyone here give me some advice on, how to solve this problem?


Hi Dragan,

do you already use NLS (CLS or DLS)? Flexera is not supported any more with vGPU 15.0.
With the client tokens there is no license details in NVCPL at all.


Hello Simon,

Thanks for the quick feedback. I suspected that this is the problem, but I was not so sure, because the license server is not with me. I will then order to migrate the license server.

For the client tokens, good to know that it is so.

To check if the license is assigned to the VM, is that the only way to check with “nvidia-smi -q”?


Correct, nvidia-smi -q is the only option atm.

cool, thx Simon.