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The vGPU license server used to have a settings that allowed a client to be deleted (marked as destroyed) from it’s details page - in order to free up a stale license. The license server I installed last evening doesn’t have that setting option. Has it been deprecated? Why? How else are we supposed to free up stale licenses, rather than waiting possibly days for the system to release them?

Hi forbsy,

thanks for raising this topic. I’m waiting for a response from PM. In the meantime I would suggest to reduce the lease time on the clients to free up licenses:
See LicenseInterval Key…



Hi forbsy,

this feature was removed from 3rd party vendor Flexera. So there is not much we can do atm.


The NVIDIA tech support gave me a solution to getting my licenses back. It’s not elegant, but it worked. Essentially your rebuilding you license server. I had all my vm’s shutdown and restarted after I had rebuilt the license server.

Hello Gary,

You’re correct, the license lease will time out after default 7 days.

You may clear Trusted Storage with following steps:

To Clear Trusted Storage

  1. Log into NVIDIA Licensing Portal:

  2. Click on Search License Servers and select the appropriate registered server

  3. Click on Remove Add-Ons in the NVIDIA Licensing Portal

  4. Enter number of Currently on Device in Quantity to Remove and click Remove Add-Ons

  5. Close all browsers that are running on the license server

  6. Go into the Microsoft Control Panel, Administrative Tools and Services

  7. Locate the “FlexNet License Server – nvidia” service, right click on it and select Stop

  8. Delete the nvidia folder from:

  9. Go into the Microsoft Control Panel, Administrative Tools and Services

  10. Locate the “FlexNet License Server – nvidia” service. right click on it and select Start

  11. Register the MAC address in the NVIDIA Software License Portal if applicable

  12. Click on Search License Servers and select the registered server

  13. Click on Download License File, save it to a local drive, then discard it (see note)

  14. Click on Map Add-Ons from the NVIDIA Licensing Portal

  15. Enter number of Add-Ons you want mapped in Qty to Add box and click on Map Add-Ons

  16. Click Download License File

  17. Save license bin file to disk and upload to local license server within 24 hours

Note: Step 13 is required to clear server information from the NVIDIA License Portal

Kind regards,

NVIDIA Enterprise Support Team