Nvidia License Server Issues

Hi all,

I fighting still weeks with the nvidia support about issues with the nvidia license server.
I use the latest version from november 2020.

I have a primary node and also a failover/backup node. Both installed on windows server 2016.
I can see the replication works between primary and backup license sever.

But something is wrong here…
The database files grows on the secondary site each day. The database file on the primary is not larger than 10MB. On the secondary site it is already 120MB after one week. I reinstalled the license server on the secondary site multiple times.

I can also see in the log files of the secondary following errors:

17:34:41,213 INFO Scheduled-pool-9-thread-7 [sync-session=6YDPLL5LK8KM] Return for feature GRID-Virtual-PC 2.0, count=-1 failed.
17:34:41,213 INFO Scheduled-pool-9-thread-7 [sync-session=6YDPLL5LK8KM] Return for feature GRID-Virtual-PC 2.0, count=-1 failed.

Can anyone of you confirm that they have the same issue?

Thanks in advance,


I’ve not experienced this before, however all my License Servers are run on Server 2019.

A few options to investigate …

Try a clean install of Server 2019 (fully patched)
Try a different version of Java / OpenJDK
Try using Linux for the License Server

Are you running anything else on these License Servers apart from the NVIDIA Licensing? Any other Server Roles etc?

Just looking for anything at this stage that would give an indication of what’s causing the issue, as NVIDIA Support are pretty good and the License Server components are fairly basic.



You have also failover license server configuration?
The license db file has on your primary and backup server nearly the same size?

I already built two new license servers on 2019 but same issue here.

Can you check if you see on the backup license server the correct number of assigned licenses in the license overview?



Just checked on both Servers …

They are totally in sync with each other. They even have the same amount of space remaining / consumed on the HDD.

For reference, here are the version details of OS, License Server and Java:



Thanks for checking.
It looks like you don‘t use the lastet release of the license server from november 2020?
You also use oracle java version? We switched to openjdk because of oracle license policy.

NVIDIA removed today this latest version of the license server because of some major bugs!