Problems with nVidia licensing server

Customer has nVidia Licensing server in his environment (vSphere Enterprise Plus and Horizon 7).
License file was generated at the nVidia Enterprise Portal and 2 vDWS and 2 Virtual PC licenses were installed into the license server. Environment has no internet access and we transferred the file manually. Virtual Desktops communicate with the license server correctly and took all the 4 licenses. Normally licenses should be returned to the license server when the machine is turned off or expire after one day. In this situation expiry is “never” and licenses are never returned. All of the 4 licenses are consumed by some machines which no longer exist and cannot be reused. In the license server “Licensed Clients -> Client Details” they’re assigned to mac addresses of the machines and there is no way to delete this assignment and expiry is “never”.

They have the latest versions from NVIDIA site:
License manager: NVIDIA-ls-windows-5.1.0-2017.11-0001

Hi Tomasz,

you can delete the trusted store of the license server to free up all licenses. Afterwards you need to reissue a new license file from the portal as the file is only valid for 24h.

Use this procedure to delete the trusted store: