vGPU License cant be acquired

Hello guys, having a bit of trouble here.

i have a group of vm that uses tesla m10, we have in total 30 vm and 30 licenses.
at the moment we have 26 of 30 virtual machines powered on.

but the license server says it is using up all the 30 license.
to my understanding, when a vm shuts down, it returns the license so
other virtual machines can use it when they turn on.

i have tried many times on trying to naturally hand out the license to
newly powered on virtual machines.

when i looked into it, there was a file called flexnet_license.lock inside the
server that has the nvidia server on.

can anyone tell me how to fix this or if there is a way to manually take away the license
and give it a diffrent one.


please open a support ticket for this with ESP.



Which version of GRID are you running. 5.3 was just released and it addresses some licensing problems we’ve experienced. 6.1 should be out in the near future, as well.