GRID License Server not releasing license


I have 4 Cisco UCS servers with Dual GRID M10 cards. The license server is not releasing the licenses correctly.

I have a total of 512 licenses for Virtual PC. However, with NO desktops currently provisioned, I only have 69 Licenses available. It has been doing this for a couple of days now.

The prunsrv.exe process is also consuming quite a bit of CPU when desktops are attempting to obtain a license.

I’ve rebooted the server a few times as well as run a repair installation of the License Server software. Nothing seems to be resolving the issue, and has put my VDI implementation on hold.

Thank You


did you file a ticket with ESP?
Please update to GRID5.2 as we solved different issues with licenses not freeing up. Apart from that there is workaround to delete the trusted store from the LicServer to free up all licenses but you need to reinstall the license file afterwards.

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