Licensing Server/DLS Question


The organization I work for setup a now legacy grid licensing server with some m60 cards back in 2018. Since the software has not been updated since then and we are building new hosts with newly purchased A40 cards, I was planning to create a new DLS using Nvidia Licensing V2.0 and move over our perpetual vWS licenses.

That said, I have a couple questions:

  • NLS V2.0.x says that the hypervisor that hosts the DLS must be “Microsoft Windows Server with Hyper-V 2019 Datacenter edition”. Am I to understand this must be Windows Server 2019 datacenter edition and that standard edition will not work?

  • I cannot seem to find the updated vGPU or Windows driver software within the software downloads on the licensing portal. A few guides say it will be provided after the purchase of vWS licenses but since we purchased our licenses in 2018 I was wondering how we acquire vGPU 13.x or 14.x.

Thank you

DLS is a linux appliance. I would expect they tested it on DC edition which shouldn’t be relevant. So yes, works on Standard Edition.

You need to have a valid SUMS for your licenses. If the maintenance is not valid any more you cannot download the latest software in the portal.

Excellent, thanks! Seems maybe our licenses may be outdated so we will get more.

Hi sschaber,

Sorry to revive this but we have now been considering rolling out with Windows Server 2022. Will this be compatible with NLS V2.0.x or should we stick with 2019?

Thanks again

Shouldn’t be relevant. You’re importing a linux appliance, that’s it. Never tested Server 2022 myself yet but don’t see any reason why it shouldn’t work.