NVIDIA DLS Licensing - Licensed clients gets dropped after some time

I am new to the community and wanted to ask if anyone has had any issues with their DLS deployment?

In our organization, we deployed a couple of DLS v2.0.1 in clustered mode. We have had it setup for several months now and it seemed to have been working fine however, we recently noticed some of our VM’s exhibiting performance issues. We tracked down the issue to the VM’s vWS license somehow getting dropped/lost. We can reboot the VM and will re-acquire the license but my understanding is that all license server clients that have acquired a license would attempt to renew when the lease reaches 15% of it’s life span. It does not appear to be doing this consistently. Just over the weekend, we rebooted all our VM’s - we have 55 of them. We then confirmed that the DLS pool has provisioned all 55 licenses. This morning, we came in that it appears that the DLS server is only reporting 12 licenses being “in use”. Why did the the other 43 did not renew? BTW, we have 70 vWS licenses so we have definitely covered our current operational needs. If anyone can chime-in who have experienced this issue or can assist with troubleshooting, we would appreciate it!

Hi, please raise a support ticket with NVES. This is exactly why you have support with our products. Our support can analyze the logs and hopefully figure out what going on.

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Thank you - we’ll do!