DLSS 2.x for Unreal Engine 5.2

We have a project that is dependent on running on specific machines that cannot run DLSS 3 and 3.5
Where can I find 2.4 or 2.5 builds for Unreal Engine 5.2 ?


Hi @c.fasching, why do you think the machines cannot run DLSS 3 or 3.5? The system requirements have not changed from version 2.

In general we do not have older binaries on the download site since the version advancements are real improvements and bug fixes, but not backward compatibility breaking changes, unless specifically mentioned. The DLSS SR functionality is still the same in 3.5 as it was in v2, just better, and works on the same Hardware as before.

We have instances running on google cloud where I was told the driver, some sort of virtualised with NVIDIA Virtual GPU Software v13.0 NVIDIA Virtual GPU Software Documentation, is not compatible with DLSS 3 and up.

Now I am really getting curious regarding the use-case here.

For one, if you can check the driver version of your cloud instance we could check against the “normal” GeForce driver. But I would be surprised if it would be older than 522.25.

Additionally the officially supported Hardware for DLSS are GeForce RTX GPUs. vGPUs are Data center or workstation GPUs which are not quite the same. The technology should still work as long as those GPUs are Turing generation (So RTX class) or newer. But it is not guaranteed.

I’ll pass on your setup to our developers, maybe they have some additional insight.