DLSS-G for Unreal 5.3 and Vulkan

Hi - I’m trying to get DLSS-G to run with Vulkan RHI, which according to the documentation, it should given that DLSS requires Vulkan 1.1 or later to run.

However when I query what is available at runtime, I get the following back from our test application (which when built targeting DX12 works fine):

DLSS-SR Supported: true
DLSS-RR Supported: false
NIS Supported: true| NIS Screen Quality Percentage: 66.667
DLSS-FG Supported: false
DLSS Streamline FG Supported: false
Reflex Supported: false

Any thoughts here would be most appreciated? It appears that whilst DLSS itself is supported and can run, DLSS-FG and Streamline are not running in Vulkan.

FYI It’s running in Unreal 5.3 with Vulkan SM6 which should be running Vulkan 1.3