DLSS UE5 Plugin

Hello, I have one question about DLSS3 UE5 plugin, which could be acquired from https://developer.nvidia.com/rtx/dlss/get-started#ue-version;
Now I can get DLSS3 sdk with UE5.1 plugin, could it run in the NVIDIA RTX 20/30 series GPU?
On the older GPU, it will degenerate to DLSS2 or it will be not working , even the super resolution function which has been supported by DLSS2;
Thank you~

Hello @lishi0927 and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums!

The system requirements are simply “NVIDIA RTX GPU”, that means it will work also on the first generation RTX GPUs form the 20 series.

The DLSS features are mostly the same across all GPUs, unless stated explicitly otherwise. For example the newly announced/released Frame Generation is only available on the newest RTX 40 series GPUs.

I hope that answers your question!

Okay, thank you. That means the new sdk(sdk version 3.0 or later) still supports older dlss features, such as super resolution in the dlss2.

That is correct.

I recommend you check out the documentation, especially the chapter “Upgrading from DLSS plugin versions for earlier engines” in the “Quick Start Guide”. Regarding changes between versions there are also release notes both for the standard DLSS 3 Super Resolution SDK as well as for the DLSS 3 Frame Generation SDK.

I hope this helps!

Okay, thank you, I will check out the document carefully.
I had this question because I found the frame rates didn’t have very large improvement in my ue5.1 editor, but I got better experience when I use the dlss2 with ultraperformance setting.
Now these settings have been deleted, how can I get much of a fps increase in the dlss3 ue5 plugin?

There were no settings “deleted”, they are still there. They are just differently represented. You will still gain the same performance increases now as you did before. BUT you will not see them in the Editor, only in the standalone game view.

okay, thank you.
Could you please explain why we will not see them in the editor? is there any other considerations or reasons?

One of our engineers explains this pretty well in their GTC talk and in some of his UE related Webinars. I recommend watching some of the sessions, they also contain other very helpful and informative details.