libargus pixel formats

I want to use libargus for capturing images from an IMX185 sensor. When I configure the OutputStream, the only working pixel format is YCbCr420_888. My further processing chain uses RGB images, so is it (or will it be) possible to get RGB images directly from libargus or do I have to convert the image on my own before I pass it to the image processing algortihm?

Hi hesmar
Current release only support YCbCr420_888 only. We have plan to support other format in future.


Please install Multimedia API Package via JetPack 2.3.1 and then refer to ConsumerThread::createImageConverter() in /home/ubuntu/tegra_multimedia_api/samples/11_camera_object_identification/camera_caffe_main.cpp for the conversion.

I was wondering if there has been any progress on this? Currently we are using an IMX264 camera from leopard imaging (which uses bits of the imx265 nvidia driver underneath), but it looks like the same deal. It would be really nice to have 4:4:4 images. Is this camera vendor specific or a limitation of libargus?

It’s ISP limitation. Xavier ISP can output 4:4:4 but no sure software is ready or not.

Is PIXEL_FMT_RAW16 supported on TX2 and/or Xavier?

At least just to get the data, without any ISP processing?

From the TRM looks like the HW support it. You may need modify the vi driver to try.

Ah, I guess I would have to use the V4L2 interface then?
Because looks like libargus does not support grabbing frames from VI directly?

In case of V4L2 I would be looking to get 12-bit RAW bayer images then (from any of the Sony IMX sensors), is that possible?

There’s no problem for your case. However if you use v4l2 you need to debayer by software.

In December 2016: “Current release only support YCbCr420_888 only. We have plan to support other format in future”
What is the staus of supporting YCbCr444_888 ? What abour RGB444_888 ?

Hi jdumarest,

Please help to open a new topic for your issue. Thanks